Does GB WhatsApp Protect Your Privacy?

An In-depth View of GB WhatsApp Privacy Features

The GB WhatsApp app, which is promoted as an app that can increase user privacy, comes with a range of features. This comprises the option to last seen, blue ticks and the ” typing… ” cursor in conversations as well. These all look like they offer a more granular level of control over your privacy than you get in the main WhatsApp app. But, are these features really offering genuine privacy protection or just a false sense of security?

Source Code & Security Issues

The primary privacy concern with GB WhatsApp is that it is a closed-source application. The security protocols of the official WhatsApp are well-documented and regularly audited, whereas the modifications of GB WhatsApp are closed source, and not publicly audited. The obscurity itself means that its encryption is questionable and puts the safety of user data at risk. Absence of Transparency : Anyone else cannot verify that the messages sent are indeed secure, encrypted data as it accesses without any visibility.

Moreover, data leaks and misuse are also possibilities.

Users of the popular modded apps like GB WhatsApp have also reported instances of unauthorized data access and breaches. But now this GB WhatsApp is not available on official app stores like Google Play or Apple App Store, to download it from the third-party websites which are more likely to download the version that may contain any malware or spyware in it. These can cause major privacy leaks:personal information that was never to be known to be made publicly available.

Official WhatsApp Comparison

Messages can be sent to anyone on your contacts list, even if the other person does not have WhatsApp installed on their device; the messages just arrive by message as if it were email, only entering the service between users when both have the app installed. All messages are transient and permanent and have end-to-end encryption, which makes it practically impossible that the service itself has access to the content of the messages. Security experts from around the world have reviewed and commended this system. On the other hand, the encryption claims of GB WhatsApp are not able to be verified by the user, meaning by design it cannot be as private as Signal.


In particular, users of GB WhatsApp should be extremely wary of the permissions the app requires. That app may be requesting full permissions over your device, including your contacts, multimedia files, and location information, which should come off as a huge red flag. When an app deals with personal data, as in the case of app permissions, it is always important to use good practices to help avoid bad situations.

Final Thoughts

Although GB WhatsApp does provide as an interesting privacy option on the outside, the fact that it is closed-source and can easily misuse your data may be concerning for most people. Users should weigh the added features against the serious privacy and security concerns. If you prefer keeping your data very private the official WhatsApp or other reputable messaging apps are the better way to go.

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